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Frenger Systems® is a leading HVAC Manufacturer with extensive experience dating back over 80 years, specialising in innovative Heating and Cooling solutions such as Chilled Beams, Radiant Heating Panels, and Chilled Ceilings.

In their company accolades video, Frenger® showcases some of their major company milestones that helped make them a respected name within the HVAC industry.

The video showcases Frenger's expertise in designing and delivering bespoke cooling and heating solutions for worldwide projects in various applications such as Commercial Offices, Healthcare environments, and Educational facilities.

Frenger® has been at the forefront of developing eco-friendly HVAC solutions that help to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs for clients.

Their dedication to Thermal Comfort and energy-efficiency has been recognised by various industry bodies and has helped them win several prestigious awards over the years.

Overall, the accolades video illustrates a company with a proud history of innovation, product quality, and sustainability with a focus on bespoke HVAC solutions and a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, Frenger Systems® continues to be a leader in the HVAC industry.