An image showing a render of Frenger's Traditional Chilled Ceiling Tile

These attractive high quality ceiling systems provide the best in occupancy comfort given their high "Radiant" quotient. Approximately 70% of the total cooling is by radiant absorption and the remaining 30% by convection if the back of the tiles are insulated, and circa 55% Radiation and 45% Convection if the cooling tiles are uninsulated. The cooling tiles are constructed from zinc coated steel which is polyester powdercoated to whatever the project colour requirements are.

Aluminium extruded heat exchange "pipeseats" are powdercoated black and are bonded to the back of the perforated metal tile. The tiles can be any size and as large as 1.35m x 1.35m, these are known as "Mega Tiles". The tiles are usually insulated with black tissue faced mineral wool pads with a class 'O' foil backing for increased "Radiant" component (70% Radiation / 30% Convection).

An image showing Frengers chilled ceiling tiles instead Project Vauxhall

There is however a limiting factor of approximately 80w/m2 of activated ceiling tiles if insulated. Up to 90w/m2 of activated ceiling tiles is possible if ceiling tiles are uninsulated, however the Radiant component is approximately 55% and the rest of the cooling is by 45% Convection-element. The above listed cooling effects are based on 8.5°C difference between "mean water temperature" (MWT) and the "design room temperature", known as dt(K). See the cooling performance graphs on page 9 for insulated and uninsulated chilled tiles.

Please note however that not all of the ceiling can be activated with cooling coils, such as the ceiling grid.

Mounting Options

Hook-On / Drop Down

Frenger's Traditional Chilled Ceiling tiles can be factory fitted with hook-on brackets, to allow tiles to be moved into a "dropped-down" position, therefore giving access behind the tile. This can allow personnel to get behind the tile to undertake regular cleaning maintenance.

Wall Mounted

If required, wall mounting brackets for Chilled Ceiling Tiles can be supplied loose for fitment on site. These brackets convert the tiles into Chilled Wall Mounted Tiles. Perforated versions of the Chilled Wall Mounted Tiles are also avaliable.

An image showing one of Frengers chilled ceilings wall mounted inside a room

Below is a graph showing the performance data behind each one of the mounting options avaliable for Frenger's Traditional Chilled Ceiling Tiles.

A Frenger produced graph showing the different performance data behind the different mounting options for the Chilled Ceiling tile

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on 61 2 9006 1147 or as our technical team are here to assist. Frenger Systems also offer in-depth Remote Design Support Meetings with our design engineers located at our UK headquarters in Pride Park, Derby.