The Acoustic Test Room at the Frenger Systems Technical Facility is a hemi-anechoic chamber which utilises sound absorbing acoustic foam material in the shape of wedges to provide an echo free zone for acoustic measurement; the height of the acoustic foam wedges has a direct relationship with the maximum absorption frequency, hence Frenger had the wedges specifically designed to optimise the sound absorption at the peak frequency normally found with our active chilled beam products.

The use of acoustic absorbing material within the test room provides the simulation of a quiet open space without "reflections" which helps to ensure sound measurements from the sound source are accurate, in addition the acoustic material also helps reduce external noise entering the test room meaning that relatively low levels of sound can be accurately measured.

A render showing the Acoustic Graph of one of Frenger's products
A photograph showing the Acoustic Laboratory in-house at Frenger's UK Headquarters

The acoustic facilities allow Frenger to provide express in-house sound evaluation so that all products, even project specific designs can be assessed and optimised.

To ensure accuracy Frenger only use Class 1 measurement equipment which allows sound level measurements to be taken at 11 different. octave bands between 16 Hz to 16 kHz, with A,C and Z(un-weighted) simultaneous weightings.

In addition to the above, Frenger also send their new products for specialist third party Acoustic Testing. The results of which are very close and within measurement tolerances to that of Frenger's in-house measurement of sound.