Recepto Mini MVHR

In addition to Frenger's Standard Recepto Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units, which are designed for larger applications, Frenger® can also offer the more compact Recepto Mini Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery.

The 'Recepto Mini' is more suited for smaller and more restricted space applications such as office meeting rooms and / or domestic applications.

All 'Recepto Mini' models can be Horizontally Mounted for ceiling applications or Vertically Mounted for wall mounted applications to best suit the particular application.

MVHR Domestic Installation

Recepto Mini MVHR Vertically Mounted in a domestic application

Frenger's Recepto Mini MVHR units are highly energy efficient and are able to transfer heat from the extracted room air to the fresh air with an efficiency of up to 88%.

The unit features easily accessible, highly efficient air filters. The external air intake circuits use F7 (fine filtration) that filters 70% of PM1 (in accordance with ISO 16890), while the room extract circuit uses an M5 (medium filtration) that filters 50% of PM10.

As standard the Recepto Mini unit comes fitted with a humidity sensor on the extract ducting, which allows for an automatic centralised air flow control for the units.

They also have an anti-freeze cut out to prevent damage to the heat exchanger, which will set the fan speed to minimum if the intake temperature drops below -5°C and will cut out completely if the temperature goes below -10°C. The use of an Anti-Freeze Heating Coil is recommended if the unit is installed in an area with frequently cold weather.

Furthermore, the unit is also available with optional integrated electric heaters to regulate the temperature within safe operating limits and to prevent freezing.

MVHR Office Installation

Recepto Mini MVHR Horizontally Mounted in an office meeting room

A bypass double damper is fitted to the units which disables the heat exchanger to automatically allow for 100% free-cooling or free-heating.

The external casing is made from RAL 9003 (equivalent to Signal-White) painted hot-dip galvanised steel sheets, which are satin finished with oven dried epoxy paint to provide a long-lasting finish.

The centrifugal fan for supply and return with an electronically controller (EC) permanent single phase synchronous brushless motor. The fans are highly efficient and features curved blades to ensure minimal noise and optimise airflow.

Recepto Standard MVHR Units

As well as the Recepto Mini unit, Frenger® offers the Standard Recepto MVHR units for less restrictive applications that require higher volumes and higher Thermal Efficiency (up to 94%). The unit can be Ceiling Recessed or Floor Mounted to suit the parameters of design teams.

Recepto Standard MVHR

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