Heating Panels

Frenger® offers a wide range of high performance radiant heating panels designed to suit virtually all types of buildings, from large warehouses to small day-care centres. Radiant heating affords an extremely comfortable indoor environment as it focuses on the areas where it is most required - the coolest items in the room. The system can be easily modified to suit changes to the wall or floor layout making them a flexible heating solution.


Frenger's Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRP's), otherwise known as Acoustic Lighting and Heating Rafts consist essentially of a free hanging radiant heating panel coupled with other services such as; Lighting, sound absorption, compartment trunking for electrical services, PIR sensors, etc.

More What are Multi-Service Radiant Panels?

Frenger's electric heating range encompasses Electric Radiant Heating and Air Curtains. Electric radiant heaters warm all of the rooms surfaces (desks, floor, etc.), which in turn heat up the air within a room. Consequently, electric radiant heaters afford an extremely comfortable indoor environment.

Frenger's range of Air Curtains creates an air barrier, which helps to prevent cold draughts thus creating a comfortable indoor climate.