Frenger Preparing for the Net Zero Revolution

Solar Panel Installation

Frenger Systems® continue to significantly invest in their UK Technical Facility with the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels to reduce energy consumption and substantially lower the company's carbon footprint.

Frenger® recognised the potential for high energy savings at their UK Technical Facility and made the commitment to invest in Solar PV Energy technology amongst a number of other energy saving measures to minimise the environmental impact of their operations when manufacturing industry leading HVAC products such as Chilled Beams, Chilled Ceilings, Radiant Heating, Lighting, Acoustic Panels, Electric Radiant Heaters and Heat Recovery Units (MVHR).

Solar Panels Installed

Solar Panels Installed to the roof of Frenger's UK Technical Facility

The installation of the Photovoltaic Panels on the roof is estimated to reduce their carbon footprint by over 35 tons of CO2 equivalents per year.

During this time, Frenger® also invested in replacing the skylights at the UK Technical Facility to maximise the natural light into the factory and reduce the amount of lights needing to be operational during daylight production hours to add to the existing energy efficient LED lighting with presence detection and daylight linking.

Image of Sustainability

Frenger® not only promote Product Solutions to help reach Net Zero, they are also close to Net Zero themselves.

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