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Is there a condensation risk with Chilled Beams?

Chilled Beams should always be designed to operate using a chilled water (CHW) supply temperate of at least 1°C above dew point of the indoor room condition (i.e. operate with a dry coil) such to remove the risk of any condensation. For example, if you take a typical summer room design of 24°C at 50% RH indoor space condition then the dew point would be approximately 12.9°C so in this case the minimum CHW supply would need to be 14°C (over 1°C safety margin). In fact, a condensate drain pan facility (as typically associated with an old 1980's type induction unit) would only introduce significant extra cost to the project due to the additional condensate piping, and the requirement to regularly biocide dose condensate drain pans to prevent harmful bacteria (Legionella) and mold growth, all of which shouldn't be required with Chilled Beams that are designed correctly to operate with a dry coil.

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