Frenger has a wealth of experience in the design, development and manufacture of heating and cooling systems dating back some 80 years. We also have a proven track record of delivering some of the worlds largest and most complex Chilled Beam projects. We employ professional project managers, designers, mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure all Chilled Beams are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality. We can model the heating, cooling and lighting performance using various specialist software, but using our full in-house testing capabilities we can undertake project specific testing in any one of our 3 number climatic test laboratories to measure heating and cooling performance and room occupancy comfort to BS EN ISO 7730. We also have an acoustic testing laboratory, to measure product sound levels and two photometric test laboratories, which are used to evaluate the performance (polar curve distribution and LOR, Light Output Ratios) to optimise the performance for the specific project.


Frenger have specialised in designing and manufacturing Chilled Beam systems in particular for over 25 years, and in that time have worked on some of the worlds largest projects. In 2003, Frenger pioneered with the supply of Chilled Beam and ceiling technology to The Bond, in Australia which was the first ever building to be awarded a 5-star energy rating. Since 2003, Frenger has supplied Chilled Beam technology to many 5-star and even 6-star buildings.

In addition to supplying Chilled Beams to the first ever 5-star energy rated building, Frenger pioneered with Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB's) in the UK (including the supply and installation of the worlds largest active MSCB project at 55 Baker Street, London, consisting of over 4500 MSCB units and in excess of 11km of Active MSCB's).

Chilled Beam Testing

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All Frenger's in-house manufactured Chilled Beam range are Independently Certified by Eurovent. This involves Eurovent randomly selecting Frenger's Chilled Beams for independent performance testing by WSP test laboratories in Stuttgart, Germany. Frenger® factory certification number 13.10.005. The performance test is purely that, output validation from given input. With regards to thermal comfort, project specific testing is undertaken at Frenger's technical facility and head office at Pride Park, Derby. Our facility contains 6 testing laboratories to test all aspects of the project such as Chilled Beam Performance, Thermal Comfort, Luminaire Performance and Acoustic Sound Levels.


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Frenger have played a huge role in multiple "Worlds First" Chilled Beam projects from across the globe including:

  • Shell Building UK - In 1962, Frenger designed, supplied and installed the world's largest chilled ceiling project
  • 30 The Bond, Sydney - First ever building to be awarded a 5-star office as built green star rating (GBCA)
  • 55 Baker Street, London - World's largest Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam project
  • Wordplace 6, Sydney - One of the first 6-star green star certified office design and as built buildings in Australia
  • Alaska Native Medical Centre - First Multi-Service Chilled Beam project in America
  • International House, Sydney - First commercial timber building of its size & type in Australia

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