Detailed below are some of the pioneering and worlds largest scale projects that Frenger are proud to be associated having assisted with the design and implementation to deliver such technologically advanced and visually stunning indoor climate solutions.

Frenger supply the Shell Towers in 1962 - these two 27 Story Buildings totalling 175,000m2 of radiant chilled ceilings utilising the water from the River Thames as a heat sink (via secondary heat exchanger on closed system) which was revolutionary at its time. The Shell Oil HQ buildings became Europe's first ever fully sealed air conditioned building and also the Worlds Largest Chilled Ceiling project at nearly 2 million square foot.

Frenger pioneered in the UK in 1998 with the supply of radiant chilled beam ceilings (this was UK's first hybrid between a convective only passive chilled beam and a radiant chilled ceiling) for call centres across the country for the likes of British Telecom, Vodafone and British Gas Centrica to name but a few.

Frenger pioneered in the UK in 2002 with the introduction of active chilled beam technology for use in hospital applications and supplied the Royal Sussex Hospital.

Frenger introduced the Chilled Beam Technology to Australia by supplying Bovis Lend Lease's new headquarter flagship building in Sydney ('The Bond' 30 Hickson Street, Sydney) in 2003. This became Australia's first ever building to receive a 5 Green Star rating.

Frenger supplied and installed the Worlds Largest Active Multi Service Chilled Beam MSCB) project in 2007. This was a 165 million pound sterling speculative office redevelopment of Marks & Spencer's old headquarters at 55 Baker Street for some 5000 MSCB units (in excess of 11 kilometres of MSCB units).

Frenger worked closely with Skanska design team and FM in 2008 to satisfy the healthcare requirements for deep cleaning of Chilled Beams for Skanskas 1.5 billion pound redevelopment of the Royal London and Barts Hospitals over a 10 year programme. During the 10 years Frenger introduced next generation of improved healthcare active Chilled Beams for the main contractor Skanska Construction.

Frenger also pioneered to supply the first ever Multi Service Chilled Beam project to Australia. This was for 'Transport House', (this Australian equivalent of the UK's DVLC) for over 2 million Australian dollars.

Frenger secured several million pounds worth of large Multi Service Chilled Beam projects including Bidborough House London which was the first UK Ground Source heat pump projects in conjunction with multi service chilled beam technology in 2009.

Frenger also introduced chilled beam technology to the Middle East in 2010 and secured KSAU Medical Health Science Uni in Riyadh and also KSAU University in Jeddah and also Medical Science University Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia and also introduced radiant passive chilled beam technology to the Caribbean for a number of schools and universities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Frenger was busy in Australia having supplied most of the sky scrapper office tower buildings over the years and in 2011 secured the supply of Chilled Beams to 700 Bourke Street, the National Australian Bank in Melbourne and also Google's HQ in Sydney to name but a few. Also Frenger providing Healthcare Chilled Beams for projects as far afield as Botswana Hospital and medical university.

Frenger also busy over the waters with neighbouring country New Zealand and supplied first hotel in the Southern Hemisphere to have active chilled beam solution this was for the prestigious Sudima Hotel in 2012.

Frenger also developed fan assisted active Chilled Beams for the CISCO project that same year and MSCB units with ground source heat pumps for 50 Grosvenor Street London wining the BCO award.

Frenger continued to secure most of the UK's MSCB projects and also the supply of radiant chilled beams to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia at the Darling Harbour.

Frenger also continued in the Middle East and supplied chilled beams for the Enhanced Bio Bank Research Centre, Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Frenger continued to supply high profile projects in the UK such as for the London rationalisation programme for MOD Whitehall, 240 Blackfriars, Great West House and university projects nationwide including the renowned Anglia Ruskin Universities to name but a few in 2014.

Frenger supplied several million dollars of their UK in house manufactured second generation of radiant chilled beam product (X-Wing®) for projects in Australia including tower buildings such as 50 Flinders Street.

Frenger had also over the decades of supplying radiant heating and more recently chilled beams, they had become a specialist in this area and supplied their healthcare Chilled Beams to many projects and in particular in 2015 for a variety of healthcare applications including the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, the Monash Children's Hospital in Australia amongst other hospital projects on home markets and as far a field as the King Hamad University Hospital - Bahrain.

During 2015 in the United States, Frenger (trading as FTF Group Climate) supplied chilled beams to the USA Ocean City School - Atlanta, Skyline Hills library California and America's first MSCB project, the "Skywalk Building", Alaska.

Frenger supplied in 2016 its next generation of Radiant Chilled Beams to Australias largest office development site in Barangaroo and Australias first ever all timber multi story buildings.

Frenger supplied their radiant Passive MSCB units to various market sectors in the UK such as the National Film & TV Studios, National Automotive Innovation Centre and ten storey tower Building R7 at Kings Cross London for Kier Construction taken and occupied by Google.

In 2017 Frenger supplied multi million pound MSCB project solutions to Lambeth Civic Centre, 35 Portman Street, Barts Square, ASOS Watford and HQ, Brunel University to name but a few. Frenger's exports included University of Washington DC, Chicago University, Sky Hills Library Santiago in the USA and 68 York Street - Sydney and Red Cross HQ Perth, Australia to name but a few.