Frenger supplies Electric Radiant Heating to Fulham's new Riverside Development

An aerial view showing the outside of the Riverside development under construction.

Frenger® was selected to supply Electric Radiant Heating to Fulham's £80 million Riverside development. The seven floor multi-use stand was supplied with our range of Electric Radiant Heaters.

Construction on the new 8,650-seat stand commenced in 2019 soon after the project was greenlit after planning permission was approved in late 2018. Once completed, the new capacity of Craven Cottage will be 29,600, with the stand being partially opened to over 4,000 football fans during the 2021/22 season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, progress for the construction of the stand was significantly impacted, with the development now likely to be completed by Summer 2022.

Once finished, the new multi-purpose stand will feature restaurants overlooking the Thames, event spaces, a health club with an accompanying roof-top pool, a boutique hotel, a roof terrace, as well as a walkway along the river Thames between Hammersmith and Putney bridges.

The form of the stand was designed to reflect the gentle curve of the river Thames, with the glass facades designed to maximise natural light, whilst also providing stunning views of the London cityscape from each level of the development. The roof of the stand is given a floating effect high into the air due to the timber clad roofing being raised by steel trusses, helping to create another striking feature of the stand.

Frenger® Electric Radiant Heaters

The ENC 300 and ENC 600 are one of Frenger's range of Electric Radiant Heaters that will supply a gentle, consistent, and comfortable heat in various applications. The heaters can be used to provide general radiant heating, or to raise the temperature in specific areas (spot heating).

A render of the Electric Radiant Heater supplied to the Riverside Development project

Due to the ENC Panel Heaters having no moving parts, the electric radiant panel has lower maintenance with reduced maintenance costs. These ceiling mounted units help to free up valuable floor and wall space, as well as the panel also being able to be integrated into a 600x600 suspended ceiling system. Supplied mounting brackets allow for easy and discrete surface mounting.

As the ENC Radiant Panel Units use radiant heat to heat the people, walls, and floors (any surface that can omitt or receive radiant heat), the heat is concentrated in the occupied area below, therefore minimising energy losses through the stratification of heated air. The system is simple and inexpensive to install and as mentioned before comes with minimal maintenance and long life expectancy (in excess of 25 years).

The ENC smooth-faced panels emits long wave heat radiation (similar to being in sunshine) and the surface temperature of the panel makes for ideal use for general heating of small or large areas where installation heights range between 2m to 3.5m above finished floor level.

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