Carbon Trust Approval

Multi-Service Chilled Beam

Active Chilled Beam Technology gains Carbon Trust Approval and is set to be added to the ETL (Energy Technology List) this summer.

On 19th March 2014 the UK Government confirmed in the Budget that a number of changes to the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) Scheme for energy saving technologies would come into effect in the summer of 2014.

One of the changes planned is the addition of chilled beams as a sub-technology of the HVAC technology category.

This is a signification and long overdue positive step for Chilled Beam Technology in the UK as "active" chilled beams (and Multiservice Chilled Beams - "MSCB's") shall now be afforded similar such ECA's as has been afforded to lesser energy efficient air conditioning solutions.

Frenger were instrumental in organising the "Independent" Energy Study of Chilled Beams vs fan coils by one of the governments accredited Part L Compliance energy software and dynamic simulation providers "EDS Tas" to which Frenger participated in the presentation at the Building Centre, London last year. This energy study demonstrated that due to chilled beams elevated water temperatures amongst other matters active chilled beams were the most energy efficient solution (more information can be found on the CBCA web site - Technical Fact Sheet - TFS 002 Issue 02 or alternatively as a direct technical download here.

The energy study was fundamental for Frenger and the CBCA being able to push for chilled beams to be listed on the ETL and more importantly for clients/customers to be entitled to claim under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme for these the most energy efficient cooling product solutions on the market. Consultation documentation regards "Eligibility Criteria" and "Scope of Claim" available from HMRC is being discussed 21st May 2014 at the CBCA (Chilled Beam Ceiling Association) and the outcome will be updated in due course and in readiness for August 2014.

Frenger 'Active' Chilled Beams

Frenger 'Active' MSCB's