Frenger® supplied 500 Collins Street becomes the first existing Australian building to achieve "WELL Platinum Certificiation".

An image showing the outside of the 500 Collins Street building supplied with Frenger's® Radiant Passive, Active Chilled Beams and Multi-Service Chilled Beams

Frenger® previously supplied Kamirice flagship commercial building at 500 Collins Street, Melbourne which has an amazing twenty-year story of investing in sustainable technologies for the benefit of their tenants and building occupants. Built in 1973, the 26-storey tower features approximately 26,000 square metres of net lettable area and comprises an office tower with a retail plaza at ground level.

Acquired by Kamirice in 2002, 500 Collins Street went through a full upgrade which included Frenger® supplying both Radiant Passive and Active Chilled Beams and one area with Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB) units. This was one of the first refurbished office buildings to achieve a 5-star Green Star Office Design rating back in 2007.

The combined Radiant Passive and Active Chilled Beam technology achieved a 30% reduction in energy consumption as well as providing an improved indoor environmental quality with increased fresh air. However, this 48-year-old office tower in Melbourne CBD has now become the first existing building in Australia to achieve "WELL Certification" at the Platinum level.

The "WELL Certificate" is a building standard which gives a performance-based certification that marries best practises in design and construction with evidence-based scientific research and is the premier building standard that focuses on enhancing occupancy health and wellness through the built environment.

A photograph showing a office floor inside the 500 Collins Street building with Frenger's® products supplied above

To prepare for the certification, the building underwent rigorous testing on its air quality, ventilation, thermal and acoustic comfort, and water systems. Also introduced were initiatives such as using non-toxic cleaning products, promoting mindful eating through healthy vending machines and creating an online tenant portal to share nutritious recipes and promote mental health. The building earned the "WELL Distinction" based on 10 categories of building performance:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Movement
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Sound
  • Materials
  • Mind
  • Community

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading many businesses to re-evaluate employees’ expectations of the workplace, 500 Collins Street clearly illustrates existing office buildings can be transformed to lead the way in workplace health and wellbeing, for both small and large tenants alike. It demonstrates how older existing building which have been upgraded over the years can be in a position to achieve "WELL Platinum Certification".

Frenger’s® supplied chilled beams technology at 500 Collins St provides all tenants with access to outside air ventilation rates at a level 50% greater than the minimum required by Australia Standards whilst delivering high thermal comfort and low noise levels. The Building Management System actively monitors and maintains ventilation rates.

Canteen area inside the 500 Collins Street building with Frenger's® Active Chilled Beams supplied above

Former global sustainability director of NDY and former chairman of the World and Australian Green Building Councils Tony Arnel, said, “500 Collins Street was a trailblazer in the early 2000s with the research that went on regarding indoor air quality and occupant productivity. Kamirice has continually paved the way to make their buildings healthier and drive tenant demand by providing better working spaces.”

The building has recently undergone a multi-million dollar upgrade, circa $5 million, investing into the construction of high-quality end-of-trip facilities. These facilities include bicycle parking and storage, showers, and lockers. A new ground floor business lounge designed by Gary Puksand was also included in the recent transformation.

Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB)

A render of Frenger's® Multi-Service Chilled Beams used inside the 500 Collins building located in Melbourne, Australia

Frenger's® Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) units are 100% prefabricated and tested off-site in a controlled environment, using Frenger's® in-house 3x Climatic Testing Laboratories, 2x Lighting Laboratories and 1x Acoustic Laboratory. Frenger® offer a 'plug n play' solution that can provide water driven cooling, heating, lighting, fresh air delivery, sensors, controls and many other building services (compatible with sprinkler systems).

Bringing several services together in a single integrated MSCB unit means that the physical dimensions of the unit can be optimised; to enable use in spaces where the floor-to-slab height is minimal. The concept also provides the various different building services with a single source of responsibility for the design, supply and integration of all services, ensuring reduced costs and on-site installation time.

You can learn more about the Active Chilled Beams that Frenger® has to offer by visiting their products page. Alternatively, you can contact the office on 61 2 9006 1147 or