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Frenger Systems® was selected to supply The Hub on Causeway office with their Eco range of Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams (CICBs), providing building occupants with excellent Thermal Comfort.

The LEED Gold certified office tower was part of phase three of the 139,353m2 mixed-use development of the former Boston Garden arena, with the tower being the tallest office building to be constructed in Boston for nearly 20 years.

The office tower, spanning 58,528 quarter metres, is home to the anchor tenant Verizon, a telecommunications giant. Additionally, it houses the Boston Bruins (NHL) and the Boston Celtics (NBA) sports teams, as well as Rapid7, a multi-billion-dollar software company.

The Eco range of Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams supplied to the office utilised Frenger's Air Management Discharge Vane (AMDV) technology to distribute air in a 'fan-shape' and therefore eliminates converging air streams and ensures excellent Thermal Comfort for the benefit of building occupants.

By prioritising Thermal Comfort and energy efficiency, Frenger's Chilled Beam technology is an ideal solution for any building owner, architect, or consultant looking to create an energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment.