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Frenger Systems® are a first-tier market-leading HVAC manufacturer of high-quality, highly efficient product solutions such as Chilled Beams, LTHW Radiant Heating Panels, Electric Radiant Heaters, and bespoke LED lighting solutions for Frenger's MSCB (Multi-Service Chilled Beam) and MSRP (Multi-Service Radiant Panel) units which can also include a large variety of other building services all contained within the 100% prefabricated and factory tested plug-and-play units.

Frenger® has vast experience supplying Commercial Offices, Healthcare applications, and Education facilities around the world, as can be seen in the global project "firsts" video below, showcasing Frenger's global "firsts" achievements.

Frenger's HVAC products have helped projects around the world to achieve ambitious sustainability targets, create indoor climate environments with excellent Thermal Comfort that benefits building occupants, and considerably reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. Frenger's products are also Low Maintenance and have long-life expectancy (in excess of 25 years).

Due to the global distribution capabilities at their UK Technical Facility and consistently investing in their logistics infrastructure, Frenger® can fulfil large major project orders efficiently and meet the demands of even the most time-sensitive projects.

Find out more about Frenger's highly efficient Chilled Beams, Radiant Heating Panels, Electric Radiant Heaters, and other products or view the interactive project world map by clicking the corresponding buttons below.