Prison - Radiant Heating Panel

The prison panels heat via water-carrying copper coils which are fixed within extruded Aluminium pipe seats. In turn, the pipe seats are securely bonded to the robust 2.0mm thick Steel outer casing. To optimise heat emission the heat is directed into the room by a layer of mineral wool insulation fitted to the reverse of the panel over the Copper coil. The units are made up into sets comprising at least one active section and a number of 'dummy' sections all to suit any particular environment and to simplify the installation process. All panels are finished in a tough polyester paint finish.


The prison panels is designed to be installed utilising the pre-drilled mounting rails supplied within the kit. For maximum security and to ensure full NOMS custodial property compliance it is important to install the product level and that any gaps due to building tolerance concealed are with suitable NOMS approved non-pickable sealant.

All fixing joints between the panel and pre drilled rail should be secured using suitable NOMS approved (M6 x 20 Stainless Steel countersunk screws) secure fixings and loctite compound.

Key Product Features

  • Manufactured from robust 2.0mm thick Steel plate.
  • Interleaf joints and angled side profiles with pre drilled holes to allow for secure fixing using suitable NOMS approved (M6 x 20 Stainless Steel countersunk screws) fixings and Loctite compound.
  • Standardised active sections are integrated with 'manufactured to suit' dummy sections - each installation tailored to meet the requirements of the selected environment.
  • Standardised panel widths to match most project requirements.
  • Simple to clean and hygienic.
  • Maintenance panel allows for simple but secure access to connection details and valve arrangements.

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